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Welcome to our innovative agritech company where we are revolutionizing the way agriculture is practiced.

We are committed to creating sustainable and profitable solutions for farmers and the wider agricultural industry. We are working with this acceleration along with preserving the natural system while meeting human demands for food has become a challenge that needs to be faced and solved as the implementation of eco-products is becoming more imperative.



Precision Farming 

Organic Farming 



The Largest Vertical Farm of North India

Currently we are having the largest vertical growing facility of northern India.Or vertical farming set up can support up to 1,00,00 plants in 10 rows which are all drip fed.  

Total length of our automated irrigation system is 12 km which is enough to supply water to all our plants effectively saving a lot of water during the process.

We have efficiently divided our water supply into two separate input streams out of which one is gravity fed rainwater aviation system and drip system which is used for growing organic produce without Inducing any kind of fertigation and chemigation.



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Indoor farming

When you picture a farm, you probably think of a quaint little family run operation with a house, a picturesque yard, and mountains of leafy greens. Or you may imagine a huge industrial operation with millions of dollars in heavy farm equipment working in fields as far as the eye can see.


Agriculture Technology

Over the past few decades, farming has been subject to numerous rapid technological advances. Today, traditional farmers and indoor growers alike employ an array of technologies to help their farms grow more efficiently.


AI in Agriculture

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a part of our lives for longer than many of us realize. If you’ve asked Siri a question, told Alexa to turn off the lights, or had a movie recommended to you by Netflix, you’ve experienced artificial intelligence in action. While applications like autonomous driving get most of the headlines around AI, this technology has become essential to the fabric of our digital lives.


Vertical Farming

It’s been well publicized that our planet’s population is growing faster than our ability to feed it. In the next 30 years, in the midst of a rapidly changing climate, we will need to feed 10 billion people with less water and less arable land. Faced with fewer resources, successfully feeding the world will require more innovative and reliable ways to grow safe food.


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